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This Python package contains useful functionality for supporting automated geotechnical calculations.

Functionality for onshore and offshore geotechnical problems is included. This package is under constant development so any request for additional functionality can always be submitted to the package author.

The package is developed around four pilars:

  • Flexible input parameter validation: Predefined parameter ranges are defined for most functions, based on the range of soil parameters for which the function was originally developed. This validation can be overridden by the user but requires explicit definition of the modified parameter ranges;

  • Multiple outputs: Groundhog functions return a Python dictionary including intermediate results or derived quantities;

  • Data standardisation: Possibility to read multiple input file formats (e.g. CPT data);

  • Soil profiles: Easy encoding and manipulation of soil profiles.

The package was named after the groundhog, an animal that lives in underground burrows. Moreover, the movie Groundhog Day where a reporter relives the same day again and again. The groundhog package aims to remove this repetitiveness from your day-to-day geotechnical engineering work.

Installation requirements

groundhog is written for Python 3.7+. Downloading Anaconda3 is recommended for users not familiar with Python development. Plotting functionality included in the package is built on plotly. The plotly package also needs to be installed and is not included in the default Anaconda installation.

Installation is easily done using pip:

pip install groundhog

A more comprehensive Getting Started section with detailed installation instructions is included in the documentation.

Support groundhog



Tutorials are provided in the notebooks folder of the project. Jupyter notebooks are provided for the following examples:

  • Basic use of groundhog functions

  • Soil profile definition, manipulation and plotting

  • PCPT data loading

  • PCPT data processing

  • Loading AGS data

  • Axial pile capacity calculation according to Belgian practice


The code for the validation of function input has been adopted from the python-engineering library and was integrated in the package to reduce the amount of dependencies.

License and usage restrictions

This package is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. Any commercial usage is strictly prohibited. Contact the authors for other licensing options if you plan to use the package for commercial work.

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